Did runic games using blender to model the game torchlight 2?

Is this the first game totally using blender as modeling tool?

Why don’t you e-mail them and ask? Indie game developers usually eager to reply on production related questions from aspiring developers.

Well,I think it’s a pretty cool thing for blender and game industry, if its true. But I don’t see anyone talking about it here, so I just wanna ask for sure.

torchlight2 is a cool game with a lot of fun, so I think it’s living evidence of blender’s capability in game dev area.

I don’t know for sure either, but what made you think they used blender as their primary package in the first place? It would be awesome if true. Torchlight 2 is a terrific looking game!

I’m curious where you saw that runic was using Blender. Care to give us a source?

This page says they used 3ds Max and Photoshop.

Is autodesk switching over to opensource development style?

No, but it’s fun to start rumors with the power of ignorance.

What made you think they used Blender in the first place?

Sorry guys, I saw them introduced a lot of mod using blender and tools and scripts, so I put my wild guess there.

If i remember well, Runic Games is using the open source Ogre3D engine for their Torchlight serie.
And Ogre3D has a lot of Blender tools for import/export models and whole scenes from Blender to Ogre3D, making then probably Blender an interesting program to work with that 3D engine.

So that’s probably why many mods are using Blender without needing 3DS/Maya , as Blender (though no idea if the latest Blender version is good for this) should play very well with any Ogre3D based games without requiring other application.