Did someone keep the build from june the 3rd (Win x64)?


I usually kept previous build before using the daily build but not this time and the build from today crashes instantly in LookDev or by browsing some materials.
I have to move on so if anyone has kept the build from june the 3rd which worked well (perhaps the 4th too but I didn’t try it) and could upload it please ?


Here you go. It’s a x64 build from 3 June.

I hope that it works for you.

I had to revert back to the same over the same issues, seems there is a bug in EEVEE.

Thanks a lot Darksider, it works as expected :+1:.

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Later, if you want you can git clone the official repo, then you could git checkout to any previous commit, to build any daily version :slight_smile:

See you ++

Thanks, I’m not familiar with this but I’ll give it a try :).

All you have to do is :

  • Install git if you don’t have it, and launch a console.
  • clone the official repo :
    git clone https://git.blender.org/blender.git
    It will automatically create a folder blender/ you can enter in.
  • see all the different commits
    git log
    The output of the command looks like this :

    And you can scroll with down arrow to developp to any desired commit (you see Dates, comments, etc…)
  • Then you can checkout the desired commit by using the commit hash in yellow.
    for example in our case, if you want to go back to commit “Cleanup: Make comment around DEG evaluation functions more clear” you would do :
    git checkout 4674e23220e7f2623d57bb1f25e7028274b0f69e
    Git just changed the whole content of the folder with this former “state” of the repo
  • Now you have the sources in the a previous state, and you are ready to build. I would say that the hardest is now. Issues you might have depend on your operating system, and libraries you have installed, or not yet, etc… They are a lot of tutorials on the web, about building blender, so it would be useless to explain that here…

See you :slight_smile: ++

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Thanks for explanations :).