Did the add primitive tool ever actually come in handy?

In 2.92 we see the new add primitive tool. When it came out, I thought it sounded cool, but I haven’t used it as often as I thought I would. The reason being, it’s not all that precise. Has anyone used this for something practical? I would love to see some examples of what it’s for.

Not personally. I think placing a primitive is pretty uncommon, I mean it’s not something that you do often, and setting the active tool to “add primitive” takes as much time as hitting shift+a so…

What I would like to see is a way for this tool to place collection instances. Now that would be practical.


I think it’s supposed to be for the beginning stages of a project, for quickly blocking out a scene and stuff like that. Of course, not everyone does this in 3d, but some people do, and for them this tool will be pretty handy.
If you want to precisely position something or add just one single primitive, then yes, you’re probably better served just using the regular tool for adding a mesh (shift+a).

I might use it more often if it had a keyboard shortcut. I tend to not use tools at all because they are slower to change.