Did the Edge Loop select change

I know that edge loop select used to Alt-B and was changed to ALT-RMB, but it doesn’t seem to work with the latest RC1 for 2.40 for my linux AMD-64. However it does work on my winXP laptop. I found that SHIFT-ALT-RMB works on my linux box. I can’t tell if this is this a change, error or if my system acting up?

Also when doing a loop cut on my linux box, it no longer lets me interactivly place where the loop ends up once I selected which set of faces to loop cut, it just places it in the middle. Again, I can on my windows box. Weird? Did I miss something in the docs?



I also noticed while playing with 2.40a this weekend that I was unable to select vertex loops or face loops using either opt+b or shift+r, which is how I did it before in 2.37 on the Mac. Could not find them in the menus either, were they removed? Were really nice tools to have.

combinations of alt+click are by default mapped to other things in linux window managers

like alt+lmb is to move a window… look up your window manager’s config for these options [you should be able to disable it, or set it to the meta [windows] key]

gnome? remap move window to ‘windows’ key like z3ro said.

As others have posted, that is the correct behavior. I use the SHIFT+ALT method to get around it (because I like the ALT behavior of my WM).

Strange… it seems to work for me. Are you compiling straight from cvs, or are you pulling from the testing builds forum?

Switched my windows behavior (KDE) to use the meta button instead of alt. Everything is working much mo-betta. Thanks for the help.



As I had the same problem, I found this in the development-forum:

They are still there but they are ‘unified’ now. Alt RMB will select a vertex/edge/face loop based on whether you are in vert/edge/face mode.

Already got used to the new method (although I think it would be nice to make a faceloop-selction while being in vertex-mode - at least I used that a lot)