Did the "Mirror Vertex Locations & Weight" script still working ?

You can find it in the script window under mesh .
It normally copy and flip the mesh and the vertex group name (leg.L to leg.R) , which is really useful for speed up the process of creating and animating character .

If it works for you , please can you share how you’ve done it works .

If not , if someone experienced in python scripting can take a look at it , it would be cool .

Peace :slight_smile: .

I was having probs, too…yet though got it partially working for fingers for a moment, then I wrecked it up (and from them I didnt know it was about bone naming. Yet tho, I am unsure is that what you say is the exact naming to follow…I should check…)

Am interested as am gonna rig a new character, and in max I do use bone and weights mirroring for all, somewhat would love to have a failsafe method also in Blender…