did the new animation system in 2.61 brake camera ipo's?

I’m using the standard IPO actuator, for the FOV property to animate in the BGE, which works all well and good in blender 2.59, but when i play it in 2.61 it no longer works.

Any help would be much appreciated.

The F-Curve and Armature Action actuator has been merged to a single “Action” Actuator in blender 2.6 , so use the “Action” Actuator instead of F-Curve.
Hope that helps:)

Ok I’m still having a bit of trouble here - its set to flipper. When i press click it zooms in(two keys of different FOV values, 5 frames apart), but when it’s deactivated it no longer flips back. This worked fine in 2.59.

Does the ‘Flipper’ Action Playback no longer play actions backwards?

Yes. i’ve noticed that too. i think it’s a bug? or something.
Can someone confirm this and report this before the bug tracker?