Did you just start using Blender? Would you like to join me on an adventure?

I’m looking for people to join me on an adventure, and you have to create a Youtube channel (each person makes his own).
Make 3D animations, show them to each other, and teach each other. But I only use Blender, and I prefer that software only. No Maya or others, sorry.

Anyone interested? If so, I’ll send you a private message for my Youtube channel. I’m not here to advertise, if this is what it sounds like. I just want to connect with Blender users who use Youtube channels. I’ve found a few, but I figured this would be the best way to find the most!

I wasn’t sure where to post this, and so if this is the wrong section, I’m sorry.

that’s one interesting idea !! as for me taking part in it that an other thing
you see i’m a complete newbie in the 3D design “thing” and still experimenting with blender (not going to change in the future) and learning tools and other aspects of general 3d design (lightning, texturing, sculpting, rendering … etc) if you can put up with someone at this level i’ll join you and try my best (after my exams are over)

What month are your exams over?

I’d like to join the endeavor! I already have a YouTube channel set up too. If you have a channel already, put it up as your homepage in your profile!

I have sent you a private message.