Did you know

That pigs can see the wind? :stuck_out_tongue:

It stands to reason. How else would they fly?

I wonder. were they born with GPS units in their brains? Gotta spread the flu u know.

Nah, they just follow the roads. And we’ve been told not to call it “_____ flu” any more, it’s H1N1. I guess people were avoiding pork (yeah RIGHT, I live near DC, that’s a good one!) and the entire state of Iowa was going bankrupt.

No way dude, I am going out and get some bacon. I will do my part to consume the problem.

I wonder how they managed to figure that out?

what the hell is the point of this thread?

I think it’s just a thread about facts that you wouldn’t think to know…here’s another one about pigs:

Did you know pigs cannot look up?