Did you liked Pigeon Imposible ? you gotta watch this.


Really cool, 6 years.


Holy crap that looks AMAZING :open_mouth:

I must see it.

Also, I noticed that the character was all tri’s. What’s up with that? I was told that all quads were better for texture blah blah blah. Can anyone offer a reason?

Wow, that looks really cool. That had to take some dedication.

@Blade_Rain: Most of those tri’s belong to quads. Quads are often split into two tri’s when the model is actually rendering. While tri’s can cause problems with subsurfacing, they still have their uses. It really depends on the model and situation.

It’s an old old short that I never managed to see completed (even though it’s finished). Made with Lightwave (the tris are there cause subdivision surfaces in layout, in wireframe, are visualized like that).

Look at the making of for more infos.


So where is the movie? All I see is a short trailer.

I have been summoned to respond…

Other than a trickle of remaining festival screenings there’s no way to see the film at the moment I’m afraid. The DVD has been held up for most of this year, but I’m back onto that now. Haven’t decided on other outlets as yet.

The character is indeed quads. LW 6 displays this in the viewports, but renders as tris.

Thanks for the nice comments! :smiley:


My Question for Chris is -
Are you working on movies yet?


Wow - the trailer is great!!
Also amazing is the fact it was done by ONE PERSON, in EIGHT years!!! There’s dedication for ya!
The making-of is really inspiring as well - be sure to take a look…

:eek: Holly cow!!!
And I found that 2 years were allot of time :o
… It’s not dificul to see why it took 8 years to make (yes, I’ve read the H.T.M.A.S.M.F.I.J.E.Y making-of (very good btw)) …it’s just because the quality is awesome :yes:
… man 8 years! :eyebrowlift2:

Not really - unless you include teasers for movie pitches. I’ve helped out on a couple of those.

Just a litle something that I already knew but reading the Makinf -of became confirmed:
There’s an important advantage in Blender that is sometimes nigleted :slight_smile: and that is the fact that is opensource wich meens that usualy every 3 months we have a new version with allot of features that allow to do things that previusly were impossible. In such long time projects it really makes a diference :yes:

Thanks for stopping by the forum Chris – truly amazing journey you’ve gone through for this film. I highly enjoyed the “Making-Of” on your website! What a great read! If/when you make DVD’s available, I’ll be buying one.

Indeed. From what I gather the current Lightwave is still dogged by the same issues I had with it over a decade ago. That (along with a dongle situation that’s forcing me to upgrade) is pushing me closer than ever to switching teams of late.

I better get cracking then! Thanks pixelman (and everyone else).