Die doesn't stop rolling

made a die. Set gravity to be 25, and the mass of the die at 100. i only have one actuator one, which is angular velocity [x] set at 2. But when i run the simul, [i pressed p, so whatever that means] the die doesn’t stop. It keeps rolling and rolling and rolling. My actuator is set to spacebar, but just to click it once. I’ve done this sucessfully [this simul] with other objects, but this time it doesn’t want to co-operate.

any guesses as too why?

I know the die is moving and all, but this is where the animators hang out. Looks like you want to ask this over at the game engine support forum. Hmmm, actuator… is that like an IPO? :confused:

no it’s something you set up to give the object movement capabilities, kinda like Logic. Actually, i think it is logic…[don’t have blender open atm…] You can set it up so when you press a button, stuff happens, [like velocities across certain axis and dloc and drot, etc.]