Diesel Assault Walker

Hello Blenderartists, I started a project to make another land walker. I always have trouble with render times (stops me from animating,) so I designed it in a way that is quick to render. Please critique my render styles as well as the modeling, as I am thinking about animating this.

This mech is a diesel powered, 2 legged assault walker. The legs function just like a chicken’s, and the feet are modeled off the skeletal structure of a mammoth. Crew of eight (one officer, one driver, two engine operators, four gunners/grenadiers)

I for one welcome our new diesel overlords. Very cool. What is that freestyle?

Its a regular line style with a diffuse modifier, meaning that the lines resemble the colors of their diffuse materials. If I animate with this, it will come in handy, since it won’t be monotone. To render the mech, I removed all lighting and set rendering on just Z and Specular. I would much rather give it a texture, but the only thing I want to texture is the set of plate armor and the plow in the front.

Wow. This is really quite interesting. I would love to see more views of it. I think the animation might be hard, depending on how you set it up. But, I would love to see more images…wireframes, etc. :wink:

Well Done!!!

Well all of the moving parts are parented but separate, so that should make it easier. I’m going to have to find a way to rig this, and if I can’t find it on youtube, I will have to ask in this forum.

Also: what should I add to the mech? I would like it to look more steampunk and more imposing.

Speaking of imposing, here is a size comparison to some of my other works. Left to right: SMS Landserstorer, A7V SturmPanzerWagen, Seiltanzer