Diesel Dawn | by anuraag

It was about 5 years ago that i started with the model of this diesel loco (WDM2), pretty popular in India. About time it showed up somewhere. I have an early morning, slightly hazy atmosphere in mind. The only worry is that i don’t want it to be another cheap imitation of (the amazing) Marek Denko’s Hektor.

Feel free to criticize.


New Delhi, India

Not bad for five years of work… (just kidding, good job!)

I love the atmosphere in this render - And it has a very nice feel of depth… The change of textures between the grass and actual rails seem a bit off. Else, very nice scene/render!

Its quite good!

Maybe a little bit depth of field would add some more realithm.

Agreed, with the depth of field. I would turn down the haze a lot in the parts of the scene closer to the camera, distracts the viewer from the image. Other than that, really great image. Definitely photorealistic.

Nice image! :slight_smile:
The only thing to work on I see is the grass.
I don’t know why, but it looks a bit realistic.
Especcialy close-up and very far away. Inbetween it’s pretty good.
I’d love to see the image improved.

Buildings at the back to break the monotony of the background.
The haze now starts farther from the camera.
Tweaked the grass to avoid uncovered patches.

Any other suggestions?
Also, forgot to mention earlier, rendered using Octane v1.10



Much better. Like it a lot now. Nice image!

Here’s another one with a different lighting setup.
I have a feeling that this grass is really not going to fly and that i better get down to work a lot more on the vegetation.
This might be a good time to get to know the ivy generator while we are at it.

Given how far the buildings are, I’d expect them to be a lot hazy. It would also make their silhouette less distracting.

First lighting setup was better. This new one is too red, not fitting for the scene.

Back to the dawn lighting setup.
Added a few more details.
The buildings at the back are hazier.

Anything else? Leaving vegetation for later.

I wonder when are renderers going to get a complete weather system!

Added details.
Flipped the engine around.

I miss being able to see the power lines in the back to be honest. Added some height reference for the viewer.

Looks like i’m going to call this done.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.


The corners in the upper front part of the locomotive seem very sharp to me. Perhaps it’s right, but perhaps some more bevelling? Or otherwise perhaps some more light to lift the shape forward?