Diesel Electric Locomotive

I started a new project of creating a Diesel Electric Locomotive.
My Goals are to create a detailed exterior and interior, learning to sculpt surface damage, retopologizing, texturing (using Substance Painter) and also learning the basics of rigging and animation.

Here is my progress so far:
I created a base Mesh and used the boolean modifier to get everything in place without having to worry about the topology.

Creating the Main body using the base mesh I created before to snap on.

Adding Details

Learning to rig the windshiel wipers.
The Animation needs some improvement in timing and speed, moves more like a pendulum at the moment , but rig is ok i guess.

And finally here is a quick test render with some basic shaders.


Drivers Cabin is coming together:


Will bookmark for updates. Looks sooooo good. I love trains. :heart:

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Nice idea. :slight_smile:

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@dogdayfear Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@Stan.Eshman inspired by this tutorial :wink:

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Creating the low poly, the cage and unwrapping is really more time consuming than I expected :smiley:
Did a very quick test if the baked normal maps from the sculpted damage is working out as I want to in Substance painter.
Now continuing with the other half of the cabin console.

Also did some weld seam tests, looks okay to me!


The welds look good. Can you explain your process for making them? Thanks

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Sure, here you go!
Here is how i set everything up:

  1. create even topology where you want to sculpt
  2. add multiresolution modifier (dont add too many subdivisions, otherwise the weld seams wont look smooth)
  3. Choose “blob” sculpting Tool
    Brush Setting: Pinching to 1, Accumulate ticked
    Stroke Settings: Method to Space, Spacing to 10%, Jitter to 0.05

With this settings you should get a result like this:

Old Method:




That’s exactly what I needed. I understand normal baking. This will be a big help when I do the welds on my Uboat. Thanks.

Glad I could help you :slight_smile:

A real welder would be pretty embarrassed by those welds … have a close look at some real professionally-welded seams. Notice how the pro maneuvered the torch to lay the metal down.


nice work by the moment!

You’re right, not very professional welding job.
However it was the best result I was able to achieve using blender, without investing an unreasonable amount of time in this detail.
If you know a better way inside Blender, I would be very happy to learn about that.

Actually I just found a way that is a little bit prettier, that will probably just offend half of the professional welders who will look at this thread :slight_smile:


you could use a simple plane and add a UV map of a weld along it
low res but still work fine

happy bl

As a follower of this topic Im very interested and courius in your suggestion.

Could you please create a simple example of what you are proppossing?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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@RickyBlender thanks for the input, would have never thought of approaching it like that :slight_smile:

@dogdayfear I think this is what he means:


I added comments in the given link for using UV map

here are some example methods

best one is with the image and some bump or normal map
and still low res

happy bl

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I finished the modeling of the major parts of the interior, still some minor assets missing (like the drivers seat).

Started texturing in Substance Painter yesterday.


Hi, I really like your progress so far, do you want create also environment for your locomotive?

I think the damage looks realistic, can you describe little bit your method? Are you using just standard sculpting brushes?
Thank you…