Dieselpunk (Hans Sketchbook)

These are whacky looking weapons based of the Dieselpunk art style.

More will be posted soon…

All made with Blender.


nice work !!!

This is dope. :+1::fist_left:

I’m still learning Substance Painter so just AO clay renders for now

This was loosely based of the Desert Eagle using 50AE as well inspired by Machinegames

MP40 Machinenpistole first iteration.

This model is made by combining various weapon artwork designs from different artists. None is my own. I took a stock MP40 and modified it.

I’ll keep iterating until it looks good.

Some cosmetic changes.
Added a red dot sight wip
Added more details

To do:
Add barrel fluting
Add more mechanism
Add support structures
Add screws
Add a better butt stock

Model is nearly complete. Now to render it on a 1980s style scene like a range or on top of a table.

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Directed Enegy Weapons rifle 1 for the Empire of the Rising Sun faction

Kobura Assault Rifle

Gun model is nearly finished. Just needs some smoothing in the corners.


Notice: Concept art is done by Peter Ku. I just 3d modeled it and corrected some proportions.

SW 500 handgun for the Resistance faction

The resistance are both civilians and former soldiers in hiding so they utilize any weapon they have access to including hunting rifles and revolvers and enemy gear they have stolen raid after raid.

Kampfgewehr .454 Schmidt and Welcher new revision:
Added motorized magazine lock
Added a red dot scope with day and night vision
Added Coolant tubes
Resized the combustion chamber
Resized the shock absorbers
Resized the nitrogen tank
Resized the magazine
Resized the magazine release trigger
Resized the firing mode selector

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Swastika/Nazi Symbols: This is a Wolfenstein Fan Art
Spiel Fan Art nur ich bin kein Nazi

In-game view test log

Final revision now to get it textured on substance painter

Experimental Track-Point scope with day and night vision.

Some improvements for the Dieselpunk pistol

The idea of a night vision scope came to mind so I applied it here


More details to the Kampfgewehr and major cosmetic adjustments to the Hammerpistole

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Please stop making me jealous of your talent. They’re nice as heck. Splendid work! :joy:

To be honest, they are just a combination of different works from different artists.

You gotta combine the good stuff to make good art!