Dieselpunk (Hans Sketchbook)

Natzee Vermach combustible light gas sniper rifle “Panzerbrecher 1980” inspired by doom and wofenstein.

Inspired by the GM6 Lynx 50 bmg rifle which was made in the last years of the 20th century.

Armor Buster 1980 WIP flow:

With a little help from AI, some details are added

Now the color schemes are done and it resulted into a dark gray, orange and silver. Orange is for marking and the silver is for internals such as the steel barrel and shock absorbers as well as the gas tank for easy identification.

WIP update 2:
It definitely needs more details. I’ll refer to video game weapons from fallout, doom and wofenstein

That thing in the back is a shock absorber

Added more details:

A bipod for more stable aiming when prone or peeking over a wall.

A rubber butt cushion

Additional structural supports for better integrity

Fat magazine to hold more rounds

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Some cosmetic adjustments

Added a barrel handle for easy barrel replacement

Added a digital scope with day and night vision, optical zoom and AI target tracking

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The model is complete. I’ll just texture it now with Substance Painter.

Next project is either the panzershrek or the stick grenade. I’ll try to make the design as different as possible maybe make a more modern version to that of in the wolfenstein games.

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This rifle have been through many iterations

Latest version

Inspired by this:

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Saw a few Dieselpunk artworks on my feed so I decided to work on my old dieselpunk project

Das Panzerbecher Revised

Dieselpunk Chaingun