DiffDir/DiffCol passes not showing


Apologies ahead of time, I’m unable to share the Blend file.

But I’m wondering why I’m unable to view the material on a DiffDir/DiffCol pass, for the blacked-out object in the middle. It’s metallic, yet does have color information via the Principled shader. The other objects are fine (floor and back wall).

** I thought it may have been due to the fact that I applied dated materials from the Blenderkit library (dated meaning pre 3.0). I’m in fact using 3.0. But even when I swapped out the Principled shader to the “new” one, it still doesn’t capture the Diffuse passes.

Any ideas?

Have you tried testing the material with textures in another object?
Or create a new material and connecting the difuse map?
Do you only see that problem in render or also in viewport?

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A pure metal has no diffuse contribution so it’s correct for the Diffuse passes to be black. Color information for the metal will be in the Gloss passes.

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Ah yes. That’s right. Remembering my PBR fundamentals now:)