Differece between Blender 2.8's camera and world HDRI

Hi guys

Does one of you know whats the difference between Camera HDRI and World HDRI

Blender 2.8 now have these options to import Viewport HDRIs

I’ve noticed that if i import a file (either .hdr, .exr, .png, and .jpg) as “camera HDRI”, it only is shown as a Studio Light on Solid Mode

While importing as “world HDRI” it works both in Solid Mode’s StudioLight and LookDev (Material) Mode

What’s the purpose of have those two ways to import HDRs? Is it a bug, that, being each import mode work only for one Lighting type, make “World HDRI” work for Solid mode too?

Camera HDRIs are like matcaps or solid mode lighting in 2.7x, in that they rotate along with the camera. This ensures objects are always well lit and you can see their shape clearly, even if it’s not realistic.

World HDRIs are the same as environment textures in the world, with light coming from the same global direction. This is the more realistic method, and the only one that can be efficiently supported for features like Eevee indirect light and light probes. For that reason camera HDRI’s are not available in LookDev shading mode.

Naming of these features could be improved.


So, the better option is to import as a “World HDRI”, so it will be used in both modes, or will it behave different on the “Solid Studio Light” if imported as “Camera HDRI”? (besides i not be able to rotate the hdr when imported as “Camera HDRI” only. Yeah only, if i import the same hdr as both camera and world, it shows me two options on the Solid Studio Light, and i can rotate then both. It even share the rotation as do world HDRI across Solid and LookDev)

It depends on what you’re looking for, if you just wanted an alternative for the default solid mode drawing you need to import as camera hdri, if you instead wanted to see how your model react to different light directions, then you need to import as world hdri.

I hope this example could explain you how it works: on top there is a camera hdri, and the light is always coming from the left, on the bottom there is a world hdri, and the light’s direction is fixed in the scene.

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Now i got it. Thanks guys

I had tested the light “attachment” before. But looked like it was always attached to the scene, not the view (like does a matcap). i thought it was because the i was importing a equiangular hdr
But i see now it was an error for importing the same hdr in both modes (to see the same light type, behave different). Blender can’t tell which one to use in Solid Mode Studio light, so in both icons shown, it uses the first imported (also, if importing as camera HDRI first, nothing is displayed LookDev)
Studio Light’s removal option on preferences is not working. So closing blender, and deleting the folders, o could test the same hdr in each mode, and now see perfectly the differences

Thakyou @brecht and @a.monti. it helped a lot :grin:

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Another curiosity. Importing a 150MB hdr (.exr in fact, in this example) as Camera HDRI will really be faster than importing as World HDRI?
Since in both importing modes the original HDRI file is copied to the Blender’s StudioLight folder, and i than suppose that entire file will be put in the RAM for whatever mode it was imported for right?

So besides the behavior of each importing mode, what about the performance? Specially for graphics processing, once i have only an Intel Graphics 4000 laptop, not that much for the RAM consuming, that i have 8GB available.
I use both Windows 10 and Linux (right now, Ubuntu 16.04). Preferring Linux for Blender that is way faster. What the impact in performance between those systems?

I don’t think there would be any performance difference right now, 'cause it seems like blender is loading the HDRIs the moment you click the preview on the popover.

Since those files are not accessible in Eevee and Cycles world material though it doesn’t make much sense to me to load such detailed HDRIs.
This is in particular true for camera HDRIs, for blender (if I remember correctly) creates a much simpler version of the files to use in the viewport and only for the world ones in Lookdev the original version is used.

According to the file in the studiolight folder, Blender is not simplifying the files.

But yeah, quite waste use a full HDR (though way better looking). So the best is edit the original HDR, saving as a well contrasting JPG copy, and use this as the studiolight
Getting this way a better optimization, though a most accurate lighting.

That’s it. Topic closed i suppose (there’s some way to really close it?)
Thank you guys!