Difference between 2 renders

I have render the image with CPU.

And animation done with GPU

Why there is difference between 2 light. Same mesh. Same lights. Nothing added or change. So why there is much difference in lights. Any suggestion. Thanks


HEHE awesome work man…

Thanks. Im finding the solution why there is difference between image and video render

It looks like different color management. You may have used a different configuration by accident. Did you render the animation as an image sequence and then converted it to a video in blender afterwards?

Point to be noted. I have used sheep it render farm. But is sheep it render farm use direct animation or video render or sequence image render. I have choose the animation option and got the video file.

Then I’m not sure what happened. I guess the fastest way to fix it would be by doing some color grading…

Yeah, love that model. Would make excellent clutter in mechanical scenes :slight_smile: Possibly others as well.