Difference between Blender and Blender210?

(karsten) #1


I tried to use the method getCurrentScene.

If I import Blender and use “Blender.getCurrentScene()”, then I get an “AttributeError: getCurrentScene”.

If I import Blender210 and use “Blender210.getCurrentScene()”, then it works.

Where is the difference between Blender and Blender210?

(RipSting) #2

Blender 210 is the “old” python API. However 210 can give you greater access to scene, object, and material settings. You can find the 210 documentation at Jan Walter (an ex-NAN employee)'s website. It’s under the heading Python API for using Blender as a modeling and animation tool (http://www.janw.gothere.uk.com/documentation.html)

But the regular Blender documentation is here at [email protected]’s website:

(jms) #3

It’s the Iceman site…