Difference between render (cycle) and viewport. can't reproduce when matching settings

Hi everyone.

I’ve started learning Blender a month ago, mainly to produce 3d topographies, though I’ve now realized that I like Blender more than I should and I’ve started learning modelling as well.

I’ve been trying to render a French region using a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) as a displacement map to generate topography.

I’ve already produced several map using this method, and without any problem I couldn’t solve by myself. Until today.

I’ve been getting these weird checkered shadows in my render, but not in the viewport. I’ve checked and double checked that I don’t have an element hidden in the viewport but active in the render. I’ve raised the viewport settings to match the render settings, and did the opposite (lowered the render settings to match the view port).

But still, checkered shades in render and smooth shades in viewport.
Would anybody have an Idea what could the problem be?

Here’s what I’m talking about

Seems like the colors applied to my material via the color ramp are the source of the problem, but still haven’t found out why it only happens in render mode.
I’ve made a new file from scratch, but the problem persists.

The checkered pattern lined up with the size of the threads tiles. switching to progressive refine (Render propreties - performance - tiles) solved the problem

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