Difference between the rendered preview in object mode and the 'render' image

I’m relatively new to Blender, and I’m faced with a problem in my latest project. The preview that I see in the rendered viewport shading in object mode is very different to the render image displayed after rendering process. Below, I’ve linked the image of said difference, render image displayed on the left, rendered preview in object mode on the right.

If you need more information about any settings, I’ll give them to you, i just don’t know what else to say about it. Sorry this might be a little vague…

Thank you for your time and answers

hmm, can you show your full material node tree?

It’s very simple actually, I think you’re going to like it: it’s not that important what you say about the problem.

It’s very important that you leave the means for people to find out what causes the problem and that you help answering you. That translates to: use images the help you explain, and prepare and upload an example .blend that contains the problem.

In this case your post could go like this:
<full screen image(s) showing a difference>
“There’s a difference between render preview and actual render. What could cause this?”

<.blend file containing the end part of the model that is inside the camera view>

Your screenshot shows the version and other feedback from the interface. The .blend contains the test case, material settings, render settings, modifiers, and the problem, because you made sure of that before uploading, resulting to the answer in the post #2. And you had to do minimal amount of writing.

No one needs the information, it’s your problem. It’s much easier to close the tab than ask for more information, especially when one would have to write that in most support threads.