difference between two objects HOW ?

I started playing with Blender again a month ago… but I’ve
had a problem producing a difference between two objects…
for instance, rendering a sphere with a hole through it.

The sphere and the 2nd object appear, but when I follow
the procedure for producing a difference the render stops
and wont proceed.

Anybody who can spell this out for me so Im sure every step
is being followed ?

Thanks blenderSTU

what do you mean de blender stopped? can’t you render anymore or does it stop when it should render the object you’re talking about?

thanks for replying, dedean

right It just stops or I should say does nothing I can do other
things but nothing will render the difference

When you perform boolean operations, Blender will leave your original two objects in their original locations, untouched. It produces a third object which is the result of your requested boolean operation.

So… perform the operation, then grab an object and move it away, then another object and move IT away, so you can see them each independently. One of the three objects should be the one you wanted.

Hope this helps…

o-hhhhhhhhhhhh like that. Hmmm… will try this, and thank you ! : - )