Difference cycles engine and blender engine


I’m a started with blender, and I’ve been working with now for I while. When I watch tutorials sometimes the cycles engine is used, while sometimes the blender engine is used.
I wondered what the actual difference is between them, when I should use which and in what way my choise of engine affects the way I can work with blender.

Could anyone therefor explane me a bit more about them?

Cycles engine is a path tracer, it’ll more easily give realistic results. It’s in developpement and has new features added with every release. A large majority of what you’ll see on this forum is made with Cycles. Cycles also uses GPU.
Blender render has it’s perks, you can have faster render times. You should use it for GLSL shading for example. It uses CPU only.

I would recommand using Cycles.

you can find more info here

or reading the wiki for both engines.

It all depends on what you want to create…

I’d say that Cycles is the way to go if you’re after photorealistic results.

Blender Internal’s strength is imho the wide area of NPR (non-photorealistic rendering, e. g. cartoonish, illustrative or otherwise stylized looks). It’s not that photorealism can’t be achieved with Blender Internal, but at a much more considerable effort than with Cycles.

Okay I think I get it…
I prefer cartonish animation, so I should probably use Blender Internal.
In some tutorials I’ve seen, both engines are used in the same project.
e.g. modeling in BI and texture painting in cycles.
Is this an option too?

Well cycles can get cartoonish results too (for example modern cartoons, pixar, dreamworks, etc. are made with Photorealistic engines).
It’s up to you but I think it’s better to learn tools that will be used and developped in the future. Blender internal is and old renderer. And PBR engines are the norm now in animation as well as video games for example.
Maybe be start a project and try to render it both with cycles and internal and see what you like the most!
Just to point out, there’s no difference what so ever between modelling or texture painting in blender internal or cycles. They’re render engines so the difference will come up when setting up lights and materials.

Okay thanks for your advice

if you want to create photorealistic renders use Cycles.
If you want to use Blender in a workflow with other software via import / export stuff stick to Blender Render.
Simpler than this I cannot explain :slight_smile: