Difference in how OBJ textures are mapped after version 2.8

So, I often create and pose characters in Daz3d then import the OBJs into Blender and build the scene around them. A while back, I used to be able to adjust the skin tone in Daz3d then import them into Blender and blender would build the proper texture maps to interpret the skin tones. Recently, I noticed it does not do that anymore so I began installing older versions to determine when this began happening. So it seems starting with Blender v2.8, importing OBJs with textures no longer builds the more complex map to use the skin tones Now it seems to use an ultra basic shader layout that does not take skin tone or anything else really, into account. Here are some screenshots to better illustrate what I am referring to.

Does anyone know how to turn on the more complex OBJ feature in 2.8x or anyway to get that 2.79 functionality back without having to actually use 2.79?