Difference in vertice and faces count with 2.37a an 2.40 A2.


I have started my police chase sequence with Blender 2.40 Alpha2, and because I needed to animate some models with AVK (currently not active in 2.40 A2), I switched back to 2.37a.

The vertice and faces count displayed by 2.37a is less than the half of the count displayed in 2.40 A2!

Other strange thing: a modified scene with more objects gives a lower count!

Vertice count in 2.40 A2 = 3.152.169. Bigger scene = 3.051.726!
Vertice count in 2.37a = 1.346.937.

No crash, and no issue with this, but it is strange!

Did you encounter this kind of thing?



Due to the new modifier system of Blender 2.40, subsurfaced object loose their subsurf parameters when the files are opened in 2.37a!

If I want to render in 2.37a, I will have to check and set again all the subsurf values by hand!

There are about 1000 objects in my scene! :frowning:



In fact, after checking there were less subsurfaced meshes than expected, and I have corrected all (I hope) those which had lost their values.

[>] The problem is really existing: my last test gives 1 416 335 vertice with 2.37a and 3 383 075 with 2.40 Alpha 2 for the same file. This time made with 2.37a.

Have you got an explanation?

Thanks in advance.