Difference in windows download files???

I don’t personally use blender but as a Linux user it’s my responsibility to know how to set it up for my fiance (after all, I convinced her to switch to Linux). Today I met a graphic design intern at my work that is interested in 3d animation… Currently he’s using 3d studio (of questionable legality - he wouldn’t confirm or deny). My finace and I have both suggested that he try Blender and I decided to download a copy of it for Windows so that he could try it as easily as possible. My problem is that since I’m used to just doing an “apt-get install blender yafray … etc” that I’m not sure whether I should download the 8mb installer or the 11mb .zip. I assume that the 11mb zip is the full program and that the 8mb installer needs to download files from online. Is this correct? It’s been 2 1/2 years since I’ve used windows other than at work so I can’t check this out at home and I don’t want to discourage him from using such a great program that’s free just because I didn’t download the right installer. Thank you for any information/opinions.


P.S. Any future posts from this username will probably be from my finace (unless otherwise stated). I created this account to ask this question but knowing that she will probably be using these forums in the future.

No the 8mg is the full program . No need to download from the mothership … It will install all the necessary stuff and create directories and shortcuts etc … wonder why the zip is so much bigger ? …

Thank you… I was confused too. A compressed file bigger than the original??? That’s why I figured one might need to download files. Maybe it’s just a testament to the fact that zip isn’t the best compression to use…?

Thanks again,

The compressed file includes Plugins and Scripts that the installer does not.