Difference Rendered Image to saved image Mist path

Hello everyone,

when i render a Mist past with Evee, the rendered image looks the same as the viewport, but my saving the image changes the contrast a lot. I tried saving it in different color spaces with no effect. When i render it by viewport animation , the output is the same as my viewport ( and as intended)
Why do is the saved image different than the rendered one ( even though colour space is the same)? I found another old thread in this forum with no solution / explanation. Is it connected to a linear to display transformation? Thanks in advance!

saved image

What image type are you saving to?
The only one that will keep as much data as needed would be a 32-bit Layered .Exr file, that would keep all the layers of the image depth.

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I say it again and again… ALWAYS render in exr when you want to do anything to the image afterwards.
exr is a intermediate for image tweaking, all the rest is a finalized image format after the fact. :wink:

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Maybe suggest that to the original OP…I already know it.

Well… I was just trying to keep a organized thread line :wink:

Thanks for your answers, the reason I was suprised about the result ist that rendering from viewport gives me exactly the image I need, even though it is a basic 16 bit png. When I render it by EEVEE, and than try to save it, it saves it wrongly as depicted at the top. Both formats are the same, but one works as intended for me, while the other actual render doesnt save well.

The main question is why the result is vastly different, even though the viewport render and the eevee render have the same export, and the eevee creates the correct image in the compositor, but saves it very differently ( when i dont have any changes in the export)