Differences 2.23 - 2.25

(Manuel) #1

Where I can found the main difference from the 2.23-2.25 API ?
It’s a great difference?

Anyone can writing a new API documentation?



(jesterKing) #2

As a quick help: do a print dir(Blender) and look into the doc-strings. (and maybe a dir() on all the parts you find in Blender-module.

of course, the DocBrowser (don’t know any link to it, though, I got it from the same site as PovAnim) is also very handy.

You should be able to get an overview of the changes if you compare the old and new API’s.

(jms) #3

Given a few days ago:
you can also find it in the demo file of the publisher2.25.


(LethalSideP) #4

Erm…regarding details about the 2.25 API, it’s really different from 2.23. It’s a completelky new way of thinking. To find out about how the new one works I suggest you download the PDF documentation from the blender3d.com member site. Those are quite thorough.

Sorry for not listing details on differences here, but they really wouldn’t fit on one of these forum pages!!! There’s just too much…


(Manuel) #5

Erm…regarding details about the 2.25 API, it’s really different from 2.23. It’s a completelky new way of thinking.

Mhh…but the old script working under 225 with only little improvement…
it’s really different but compatible?!

(eeshlo) #6

There is in’t any current python API documentation available that I know of, all the ones on the blender3d.com site are old pdf’s you can get on other Blender download sites as well. One of which is about the 210 module which has been removed from 2.25.
Having said that, it is not that much different at all, there are just some extras, and some things have to be done slightly differently. No radical changes. It has it’s bugs though, like other things in 2.25.

(Manuel) #7

No radical changes

fhhuu!!! :smiley:
In my opinion is very important the retro-compatibility:
a radical change of the API delete hundred of old (and very usefull)

The API must be improved, but not twisted or contorted!

Thanks Eeshlo!

(LethalSideP) #8

Well, I thought the changes were pretty radical in the new API, anyway. The way meshes and stuff are handled is just completely different (though some of the old modules are still there, so not everything’s obsolete).


(Manuel) #9

Mhhh…here is a lot of confusion!

Where you have seen the note about new API?
What happen at the old script?
If I want develop a new script, I must wait for new API?
Or I can develop for 223 and after, with a little changes
(for example, for my Blmkhead and for RipSting’s grass
this was possible) I can update the code?