Differences between WinXp Home and Personel?

Does any one knows exact and major differences between WinXp home and professional.

If you have to make an reccomendation of Wndows to an user wishing to use only windows and wanting to buy copy what do you think should he go for? XP or Proff?

Please point them out in order of significance. And major differences does not include smaller UI changes etc :stuck_out_tongue: .


Google is your friend.


Depends on what they’re going to do.

Most home users (and many office users) can get by fine on XP home. The things that would potentially cause problems.

  1. Need to join a network domain?
  2. Need multi-processor support? (not just hyperthreading)
  3. Need to use the encrypted file system?
  4. Need to allow remote desktop access from other locations to the box?

If you need any of those things, then you should go to pro. Otherwise, home should work fine.

I think I’ve seen some software that said it required XP pro … but can’t think of what it was. It very well could have been an inaccurate requirement, though - check the software the user wants to run to see if any such requirement makes their decision for them.

I have XP home on my machine at work (was preloaded) and have no problems running Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

I’ll be moving it to XP Pro soon, as I want to be able to access remote desktop through the VPN (when I work from home) and other solutions like VNC are just too slow in comparison.

I found Pro more stable. Home seamed to cause more problems on the exact same computer. just my opinion, however i’m using linux now - M$ sucks…

Something thats funny is I can overclock my 2.6 celeron to 3.0 on Linux but on Windows Pro I get blue screened =_=.

So are you :wink:
BTW thanks for the link the first one really made the decision for me. Should have been a bit care full but I was just hoping to ask from experienced users here.

Agent 86.5
Thanks, your comments are precise and ‘exactly’ what I was looking for.

Its stange they (Xp and Pro) are inside the same disk and infact there was a recent article about hacking the WinXp home CD and making it into a professional verson. Indeed M$ has his wicked ways.
BTW I myself use only Linux for my work.

Thanks guys.