Differences in Rendering with 2.35

Anyone know why I get these differing results from the same blend file with these two versions?
2.34 gives:

2.35 (I got the same results with all releases, a, b for both OSXs and for Linux)

Note the shaded parts of the character’s dress.

There was also a difference in the stage of moment for my character between 2.34 and 2.35. I happen to like the results I got in the 2.34 version better for this particular animation and want to know how to change lamps or whatever would need to be done in the new version to recapture it.[/img]

I take it the torso/head and the dress and leggs are the same object. If that’s the case it seems to be everything beyond n distance from the camera. If it’s in the gameengine I don’t know, if not it may be a lamp set to shadow only, though I see the shadow comming from the back. Some lamp got negative on or somesuch.


Not in game engine and it is the same object. Just one lamp with energy and it’s not set for only shadows. I open the exact same file in both versions of blender, making no changes and the results are as above. So it should be just a diffrence in between blender 2.34 and blender2.35.
Thanks for trying to answer though.