Different AO settings in newer Blender builds

I recently added an iMac to my computer experience and installed a Yafaray specific build of Blender (2.45 11). I noticed that the AO settings are different - more advanced (?) - from the standard Blender (2.45), which I had installed earlier.
They seem to yield a much higher quality (less noise) which I intended to bake to my industrial 6-axis robot model for an animation. However, the poses and in effect the animation are different using the same .blend file.
Any suggestions, hints etc?


What suggestions or hints are you looking for? I could tell you how to make coffee with the new AO settings, if that’s what you want?

The poses in your model could be different because the constraint system was rewritten, afaik. Try to remove the constraints and re-set them.

Sorry I should have been more specific. I was wondering if other users experienced the same behavior with rigged models between the different versions of Blender. Of course the different versions in this case are both 2.45.

I can imagine doing a lot with the advanced AO settings, however, making coffee did not cross my mind. How about a short tutorial :wink:

Thanks for the hint. I’ll look at the constraints.

There’s not a specific page for AO there (yet), but these release log pages should shed some light on it:


thanks for the very helpful links. I will check that section of the Blender website more often in the future.

when you download the yafaray-specific blenderbuilds you are mostly getting a recent checkout from svn of blender - that why they act different :slight_smile: