Different background colors for different modes? Possible in 2.8?

It would be helpful if different MODES (Object/Edit) had a hugely conspicuous visual difference, like background color or UI element color (like borders).

With 2.8n’s enhancements, is that now possible? Most of my n0oB errors are mode-related.

I don’t believe there is a direct way to do this, but you theoretically could make a script to do this.

You can make a custom theme under preferences tab. To my knowledge there is only one border input but several backgrounds.

Opens in new window so you see changes live.

It’s a maze of things to colour, but the background for each mode is located under corresponding icon in it’s second dropdown menu. I think there sometimes is another background in the first dropdown menu as well.

A tip is to slightly change colour. You don’t need a strong difference for huge impact on feel of mode. Change hue, or if it’s a dark colour doomed for muddy alternatives, lighten it up and desaturate.

You can of course use trusty shades of grey.
If you want a starting point, 121212 is a standard for black background. 333333 one for grey. Pure white is really common. I think it’s distracting, EFEFEF is an alternative, less painful for longer periods of time.

??? Are you referring to MODES, or PANELS?

One thing I’d specifically like to add is a red border/indicator around the Outliner when you are in Edit Mode, since you can (blue) highlight a different object than the one you are Editing (inverted triangle highlight), although AFAICSee there’s no functionality (maybe there is) to choosing a different Object than the one you are working on. --The inverted triangle icon highlight is too subtle for me, YMMV.

Since it >>appears<< that you must “back out” to Object Mode to actually switch Objects, I’d like a visual reminder.

While I see all the types of PANELS listed in the Themes section of Preferences, I don’t see any MODE switches. That’s OK-- if I have to delve into Python to make Blender sense the mode and switch themes accordingly, I’ll do that (or I’ll quit whining about it).

You can select objects outside of what you are editing, this allows you to do things like parent objects to vertices.

OK. That makes it even better to have some sort of indicator around the Outliner denoting the current mode.


FWIW, I took another look (in March, vs January) and I don’t see an obvious, non-Python way to get UI colors to react to Mode changes. Just sayin’.

Another thing I’d like to help key my eyes on the cursor is unique cursors for Tweek, Box, and Lasso. As it is, my eyes have to dart over to the toolbar, which any UI designer will tell you is no bueno.