Different bevel width on base mesh and boolean cuts?

Hey guys, is it possible (maybe natively in Blender or with HardOps) to have custom bevel widths for the base mesh and its boolean cuts? Cos sometimes I need to keep big bevel width for the base mesh quite big while keeping really tiny bevels for those detailed kit ops inserts and similar fine-detailed stuff. Thanks in advance!

Have you tried using edge weigth and the Bevel modifire?

You can set the limiter in the modifire to “weigth” so that only edges with marked values between 0 and 1 get bevelled. (the larger te number, the bigger will be the bevel depending on your max amount value in the modifire) Edge Weight can be found in EditMode by pressing CTRL+E (+W)

Disadvantage: you cant change the number of bevel segments within one object

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Thanks for this tip - I will definitely try that! But it looks like I was able to achieve what I wanted with HardOps’s Step function which basically allows having non-destructive control over all bevels on the mesh!

Thanks a lot mate!

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