Different camera in viewport and render

so i’ve come across a problem about the camera, because of some circumstances i can’t delete the 1st camera, so i make another one and set it to active. if i press numpad 0, the view clips to the 2nd camera.
the problem came when i tried to render it. instead of the 2nd camera the output uses the 1st camera view.

anyone know what seems to be the problem?
6 track.blend1 (822.5 KB)

Hello - I looked at your file and did not experience the issue you describe. The viewport and render match each other. You have animated the second camera so that after frame 44, the views are identical.

I should note that you uploaded a back up file (.blend1) not a working file (.blend) so you may have made changes to he actual file not shown in the back up. I also saw that your object is parented to the first camera. Is the “circumstance” that the object changes position when you delete the first camera?