Different color picker values Material Node Editor vs UV/Image Editor.

Hi, I have recently check that the color picker in material node(RGB) gives me different values than color picker in UV/Image Editor. Guys can you confirm that this is some kind of bug, and if not then please can you help me understand why color picker in material node editor give me wrong values?

the only real color values are from UV editor image!

others color values are influence by the color management system

so rendered colors are functions of a lot of things
color management
light sources in scene
HDRI map added
world AO ect…

happy cl

Thanks for your reply. Actually I used color picker form Material Node (RGB node) and probe color from UV image Editor, not from render or 3D view. Both colors are picked from the same Image opened in UV Image Editor. That’s why I am so confuse.

try to use the HEX value instead of RGB
see if it helps

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Thank you, The HEX value is the same.

is it working or not É

show some pics

if not then may be try to set color management to RGB
it should work as I remember

happy cl

It’s working…
The RGB node in Material Node Editor is dependent on the Color Management Display setting. It’s not what I would expect, and it will be more intuitive if the color picker can actually omit that, and pick values not colors but its, OK.