Different Colors of Objects in Rendered & Material Preview

Hello All! Blender Newb here, thank you for this community!

I’ve been doing Blender Guru’s intro series and having an absolute blast… unfortunately, at some point along the way I’ve done something that causes the icing and sprinkles on my donut to render in the wrong colors. Everything looks great in the material preview view, but in Rendered view the random colors of my sprinkles disappear and the icing goes a weird color.

Anyone got any trouble shooting ideas they could recommend?

Rendered -> Material Preview (Desired Look on Right)

Here is a better view of the rendered image.

Hey there . Welcome to this community. It’s probably best if u could post your blend file bcoz just looking at these pictures it is hard to help.

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Hi Jon, didn’t think I could do that. Thanks for the recommendation.

Here is the file:

Turns out it was the subsurface radius, I had it really high.