Different Colors on Text Object Front vs. Extrude


I’m new to Blender (V2.49b). My problem: I try to color a text object in two colors. The front surface (i.e., the text itself) should be white, while the bevel and extrude parts should be blue.

Is there a way to get this to work?

PS: I tried to go via ALT-C -> Text to Mesh, but the text (especially curvy letters like s) had like a million faces which I could not comfortably select manually with the select -> faces function.
-> However, I’d rather leave the text as a text object than change it to mesh.

Best regards (and thanks for help in advance),

I think that you could do this with a correct oriented simple blend texture with a color ramp.
But maybe, I am wrong and your scene is more complicated than what you describe.

Just use two font objects. Set the extrude on the BLUE one to be a little larger and move it forward. You also may want to set the Size of the font like 10% smaller so it sits inside the outer font.