Different Computer Now two Hard Drives Textures on Different drive

Like the title shows I have a new Computer and am using two Hard Drives. One for the installing and the other for the files. So my Blend Projects the textures used to be on the same drive C. Now the Textures are on the D Drive. Is there a quick way to have all the projects now look for the Textures on the D. Drive or do I just have to do it individually? I know I could just move them to the C Drive but would rather not clunk up that drive.

You have Edit > Preferences > File Paths. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to do it manually I guess.

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Blutag thanks for the response “Edit” For one file it did Find them when I set the path. Another none found it and the other file one found it the other object didn’t. The funny thing is the ones that couldn’t find the texture I also couldn’t save over. I think the files themselves may of been corrupted. I just made a new save and now its fine. Weird. So thanks for the help Blutag.

Glad it helped! You also have File > External Data > Automatically Pack Into .blend, then the textures will be saved inside the blender file so you will never lose them.

Thanks for the tip and thanks for all the help.