Different Curve Objects Extrude to Different Heights

I have a logo that I traced with curves. Each letter is a separate object. I then went to extrude the letters and they all extruded to different heights. I applied scale and rotation to each object because I forgot to which reset the scale of each object to 1. The objects continue to extrude, bevel, and offset to different degrees as though each letter is at a different scale.

Currently, I’m doing the obvious, inelegant solution: I am simply eyeballing the curves to get them to be mostly similar. This is not sitting well with the OCD part of my brain. Any ideas?

Go into each of them, press space bar, set curve radius, set that to 1

Thank you very much for the response.

Sadly, that didn’t work. It did give me some other useful info, though. which is good.

An unknown solution presented itself. My computer crashed which forced a restart on me. After that, everything worked fine. So, yes. All is well.