Different displace effects


I have a question about displace in Blender (2.72b). There are two ways to make a displace - from modifier and from material nodes.

From modifier it works fine, but sometime I don’t have enough verticles to create beautiful and smooth look of a model.

So, as I understand - I can user displace as an image texture node, connected to Displacement input of a final material node. And in that way I don’t need so much verticles to achieve smooth result. BUT when I try to use displace in that way - it doesn’t look like it displaced, but it just have my image’s outline (border) on a model - ugly black border…

How can I solve my problem? In fact there is s lot of verticles already and if I try to add subsurf - my PC freezes :frowning:

Hope, you can help me!
Thank you!

If you just connect an image texture to the “Displacement” input of the material output node, you will just get bump mapping.

In order to get that (highly experimental / potentially buggy) “other” displacement type in Blender, you will have to switch over to the “Experimental” render instruction set and also change the displacement setting in the object data properties:

Mind you, though, that this is about as experimental as you can get with Blender. Unexpected results are, well… to be expected.

Thank you! So, there is still no proper way to add some displace? I want to add displace on a bottle of alcohol (there is name, year etc.) and it’s hard to make so much verticles on a cylinder :slight_smile:

Well, I can’t find where to turn on this experimental displacement thing?..

Thank you!

As I said, You will first have to enable the “Experimental” render feature set:

After that, the panel from my last screenshot will be available!

Well, interesting! :slight_smile: Thank you, I’ll try it and let you know how it works for me :slight_smile: Thank you again!