different interface

Hello all
I’m very new to Blender. I’ve been tasked by my work to edit a render brought from turbosquid. I’ve managed most things but there are two i’m really struggling with:

  1. I’m trying to add a simple tif to a plane, I’ve followed a few tutorials and have managed it in a new job but for the life of me can’t get it to work in the purchased file.
  2. the material options are different to the standard diffuse, specular, shading. Instead i’m getting custom properties, surface, volume, displacement.

Is this because the original file was made in another software package or I’m I missing something?
Any help is gratefully received.

Look at the top of the blender interface. Blender comes with more than one render engine which you select from the top info bar

The default renderer is the Blender Renderer, the file you have is using the Cycles Renderer. Each render engine has it’s own material system which are not compatible with each other.

You therefore need to add the texture in cycles or change the render engine and remake all the materials