different materials for different meshes

hi guys,

I try to create a simple ceiling lamp with a round lampholder cylinder and a half uvsphere as the lampcover. the plastic of the lampholder should be in a different color as the cover and I am not able to do it. Please help! Everytime I try to take on of the 2 meshes and add a material with a simple diffuse Color, the whole lamp changes to that. -_- Maybe I need to create 2 independent objects but I don’t know how to do it, if adding 2 different meshes does not do that deal. In the documentation of Materials I can’t find an explanation, too.

If your cylinder and your half uv sphere are part of the same mesh, you can give them a different material.
Select your object, go in Edit Mode, in the Link and Materials Panel (Editing: F9), on the right you’ll see the name of your material. Let’s say it’s the material of the lampholder, so select in the 3D view the vertices of your lampholder, then click on Assign in the panel. Then select the vertices of the lampcover (and only them), click New in the panel and Assign.
Now your 2 parts have 2 different materials.
Go in the Material (Shading: F5), your new material is a copy of the other (Material.001 for instance), you can change it here independantly from the other material.
There’s a tutorial here.

ah thx, didn’t see that tutorial