Different Materials for Different Scenes

First off, this is my first thread as a Blender newbie in these forums. I see how patient people are with newcomers to Blender like me, which definitely encourages me to participate. These patient responses have been of great help to me while learning Blender.

Now on to my question. My first real Blender project is modeling my office in advance of a planned remodel. While meandering among the tutorial sites, I discovered multiple scenes, and I thought this might be perfect for my room’s remodel. I can create on “before” scene and on “after” scene. This has worked well for moving furniture around.

The problem I had, though, is when I wanted to simulate a new paint color in my “after” scene. I cannot recolor the room’s walls in one scene without it affecting the other scene as well. I’m suspecting that just using multiple scenes might not be the way to go.

What technique would be best to allow me to have two different-colored versions of the same scene (or object, in this case, the walls of my office)? Ideally, I’d like these different-colored walls to share a geometry, but not a material color. Any ideas?

I’m uploading a small render of my scene (in this case the “after” version) just so you can see where I’m at in the scene. Thanks for your help!


make a copy of everything onto another layer and then you can change thr color of all the ojects!

so if you want to see one model you turn the layer on !


Thanks, Ricky. I’m doing that with other objects in my scene - I didn’t think to do that with the entire walls object. I think that’s what I’ll do.

But this approach will have the geometries of the two versions completely independent, right? So if I modify one, it will have no impact on the other. I doubt I’ll be doing much more to my walls (maybe adding the moulding, but I’d keep that a separate object), so that’s not a concern for this issue, but since I’m still learning Blender, I’d like to know if you can have objects that share a geometry but not a material.

alt-d for independant copies

but for shared shape use shift-d this way whenever you chage the original model the other ones will take the same shape which is very usefull if you have several repetition in same scene you change one and all the other are aytomatically change

like colunns for the parthenon


The trick you’re looking for is in the Links and Pipeline panel of the material buttons. By default, materials go along with the Mesh itself, not the object. Change the ME setting to OB. Then, duplicate the object with Alt-D. This makes a new object that is still linked to the original mesh, which is what you want. Now, click the “2” that appears beside the material’s name. This material is now unique to the object.

So, you have two objects with different materials, but both linked to the same mesh. By making the “OB” setting earlier, you allow this to happen.

Cool! That is what I was looking for. That’s a neat trick. Thanks, Harkyman!