different mesh dimentions in edit mode than in object mode

hellow, i’m having a problem, anything i create in edit mode seems to be smaller when i go to object mode…i must have clicked something weird :slight_smile: can anybody help?

You have clicked many things wrong but none of those that are visible explain what you’re asking. Upload the .blend and maybe someone has a chance to give the answer instead of guessing. Doesn’t need to be the whole model, just enough parts that contain the problem and is enough to show the fixed version.

i dont see how u dont understand the question. if i create clyinder square or anything it has smaller dimensions in object mode. if i open up new project everything works fine.these two pictures are taken at same angle and you see the mesh i created last gets smaler when i go to object mode. and cylnders or anything i make in this project.

We can see the difference in the two images but for some reason you decided to shrink the panels on the right side of the image so we can’t see what they show (any modifiers and their settings, any constraints, any shapekeys, any hidden files etc etc) and haven’t supplied a link to your .blend file (something you should be doing as a minimum for ALL support questions) so we have the same information that you have. You’re leaving those who may want to help you crippled and having to use guesswork rather than looking at the .blend file and telling you exactly what the problem is.

The problem is not in understanding the question. The problem is giving an answer with the provided information.

i cant upload .blend file. When it comes to 100% an error appears.i tried raring it and wont go either. The file is 30mb

You do not need to upload the whole blend, delete most of everything , only keeping a couple of the parts with a problem, then save it into a new blend (don’t overwrite obviously your working blend, give it another name) so the new blend will be small and easy to upload.

Additionally, if attaching to your post do not work, you can use pasteall :

tnx for the help guys.

thx for the help guys… i must have changed axis factor somehow and that was the problem.

i’m completely new to blender so i hope i wont post to many stupid questions :smiley: