Different Methods for Animating Firearms?

Hello again blender artists!

I was just wondering what different methods everyone uses when they animate firearms?

Do you use an armature?
How about just a hierarchy of parented objects?
Maybe you only animate the firearm model?
Shape keys?

As many of you probably know I’ve been working on a Weapons template and I want it to be as versatile as possible and to do that I don’t want to force anyone to use any single animation technique, so what methods do you use?

I use property managed actions, so I can set the frame rate later,

property Firing min:value max:value----------and-----------action property Firing
______________________________________---------- add value to Firing

Have you use the more animation tricks for the videos. The animation is one the best way the people to attract. there are more animation ways are available. Use all the animation methods for your templates. Give the details about the different way of animations

I do plan on including them all, I was just wondering if there was any other methods that aren’t listed above

Ok, so after thinking about this for a bit I’ve decided that no matter how you make your animations you’ll always do one of the following to activate them:

  • Activate the action actuator.
  • Send a message that activates python or an action actuator on another object.
  • Activates an action actuator on another object that is directly linked to the current object.
  • and maybe some minor variants of the above three.

Anyways thanks for everyone’s help, much appreciated:)

A neat trick I learned,

you can use a property like this

import bge

then the animation changes the property using frame property or ???

so the property is used as a offset.