Different Nodes in the Node editor than the tutorials HELP!

Hi guys, i am a complete noob at blender right now and was following a beginner tutorial on youtube and the nodes showed on the video is different to the ones i have,even the add nodes options are different, i even made sure to install the same version blender. It isn’t showing the diffuse and material output nodes not even in the add nodes.
This is the ones i have:

This is the ones shown in the video:

There are various types of nodes, material node, composite node and texture nodes. Also different renderers use different material systems so you have different material nodes for the different render engines.

The default render engine in blender is the Blender Render engine. The nodes you are using are material nodes for this renderer. The tutorial shows material nodes for the Cycles Render engine.

Select the render engine from the drop down list at the top of the blender interface. Remember to delete ant incorrect materials you have already made as that may cause further errors by using the wrong node system in the wrong renderer

The tutorial shot shows cycles nodes - your screenshot shows BI nodes.

Change your renderer to Cycles and you’ll see the correct ones.

Thank you so much guys. Foolish of me to overlook that part.