Different physics buttons ! make me crazy !

Hi there,
i try, and retry…many time and always the same thing,maybe you can understand for me and enlighten me?

here is it:

when i open a file (containing a simple cube) created with 2.48 in the 2.49b, here is the logic options available:

when i create a new file with the 2.49 and add a cube, here is the options available:

that’s make me crazy to not understand why it’s appening ! why i 'm not gettin the same panel !:no:

please, i have to use the GE with some old files (6 month old) and i want to setup them…without the menu (static/dyn/rigid/soft/etc…), i can’t work !

thanks for all

Make sure that you have a world object added with Bullet physics checked…

The worldbuttons are in ShadingButtons (F5) and then on the right there’s a little globe icon.


Hé sam, THX waoooo…unbelievable ! yes, that’s the thing, when i change to bullet or none, the options are different like in my screenshots !

that’s mean that on the old files, these options were not activate !? but bullet was implemented long time ago, no ? right, no more question…thanks again !

you make my day !