different pivot in armature

I hope I can explain this well. I have this amarture, and I want to make the bones move. Can I like ‘pin’ one or more bones to a position, so that when I move bones (with IK activated, everything but those bones move…

and a somewhat different way of asking the same. Can I ‘invert’ (a part) of the armature? Like when I have a person, standing on one hand. And when I move his feet, his hands stick to the ground.

I hope someone knows the answer! Thanks

Well keeping bones locked into a position, is basically what IK does. You need a target object in the IK constratint Target ob: field. A separate bone is the best method with that bone either parented to nothing or a ROOT bone.

What kind of motion / animaiton are you trying to do ?


Well, I want to make a breakdancing animation. Hands will be touching the ground almost all the time, and they need to be perfectly pinned when animating

The hands should be IK like Mike_S said. Constrain the main hand bone to copy rotation from the IK target bone so that your main hand bone doesn’t rotate independently. You will probably want to key the IK influence though, also, assuming that sometimes the arms will be swinging freely (IK is not good for swinging movements).

I think keying your IK constraints is going to be about 80 percent of the work of animating breakdancing.