different render layer, different materail

hi all.

there is a way to assign a different material to a single object for every render layer?
Like in Maya for example.

One option:
Material overide option in the Layer panel. Have the object you want to control to be the only object on the layer as this material is applied to all objects on the layer

I already know that iption. Is too basic.
I need control on every single obeject.
thankyou anyway :wink:

So it’s not just one item as you were asking in the original post. You’ll most likely need to write a python script then

More like not very well worded. I think what OP wants is for most objects on the render layer to have their normal materials, but one particular object has some other material. This is pretty simple to do in Maya since you can override individual properties. In Blender, you don’t get that granularity, the overrides are all global for that layer. In Maya terms, you just get the overrides from the renderlayer node and that’s it.