Different render resolutions - different outcome


I’m trying to complete a tutorial from Packts Blender 2.5 hotshot book. Theres a tutorial that involves creation of a nebula using the particle system within a cube. What I have noticed though, is that if I try rendering at different resolutions, i get completely different results. Is there any way this can be avoided? I know it’s a long shot, but I would like to be able to tweak similar things with smaller resolutions, and then when I think I’m done, increase it, and end up with the same looking render, but bigger. Is this possible?

are you using halos or objects as your particles?

It’s objects. Here is the screenshot of some options used. Let me know if you need the rest :slight_smile:

Are you baking your particle system to cache? I think if you bake it, then it will replay the same way every time, and you r renders will be more consistent

Sorry I still haven’t reached the baking part in the tutorials… been only using blender for about 10 days now. Can you explain it to me a little more? What should I do?

i fyou are done with the portion of the tutorial that involves using the particles, then you can look for a bake tab where you can bake the particle emmission to cache, and that way it will be saved. you may have to save the file and the cache will then have a directory to use for the bake. you can also I think use ‘free bake’ afterward if you need to make adjustments that require editing the particles.